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Keisha Mills Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
Second Grade


I started my education at Goshen Elementary and continued on at Goshen High School until I graduated in 1996. I then attended Wallace Community College and completed my bachelors degree at Troy State University in 2000. I went on to complete my Masters degree in elementary education at Troy University in 2006.


My experience includes the following:

Crenshaw Christian Academy- August 2000-2004

Barbour County Primary- August 2004-2005

Goshen Elementary School- August 2005-Present


I grew up in Goshen and went to school there all my life. I graduated in 1996 from Goshen High School.  After I married my husband Heath in June of 1998 I moved to Luverne Alabama where we currently live. We have been married for 20 years and have two daughters, Mary-Kaye is 15 and attends Goshen High School. Ella-Claire is 9 and attends Goshen Elementary. 

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