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Please Beaware of website

a social question and answer website commonly used by teens and preteens.

Teenagers are flocking to, a social media tool that allows users to anonymously ask questions for others to publicly answer. Users simply sign up and then use Formspring,me's search engine to find online friends and classmates. That is when the fun and abuse begins. Fun for the narcissist, the stalker the secret crush and a thrill for the bully! It's like a nonstop interview, a running tab of anonymous questions posted to the user's site. After posting your question, one simply waits for the user to reply publicly. 

Formspring launched in November 2009 and immediately made its way into blogs and other social networking sites. It soon went viral, attracting 50 million visitors  just last month. Teens and preteens have flocked to the site to post anonymous questions and statements, Sadly, many of the users target individuals they love to hate.  Posts are cruel and often sexually geared. With no way of identifying the poster, the abuse is running rapid.

With so many news accounts of teens suicide because of bullying received from classmates, parents and school officials should seriously consider banning students from this (anti) social network tool.

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