Danielle Butts

Danielle Butts


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Danielle Butts is a Goshen resident. She has two boys and a girl, and lives with her husband Jason. She enjoys gardening, writing, yoga, art and classical literature.

Danielle Butts has a Masters degree in School Guidance Counseling from the University of West Alabama and a Bachelors in Elementary Education and Collaborative Education from Troy University.

About Our Counseling Program

Goshen Elementary School's Counseling and Guidance Program seeks to meet the social and emotional needs of all students. It includes whole group lessons, small group and individual social skills lessons as needed. We will focus on self-confidence, self-regulation, study skills, growth mindset, self-calming skills, stress relievers, communication, and conflict resolution techniques.

Registering a New Student

Registration forms are now available online.  Please be sure to have the following items when you turn in the registration form:
Birth Certificate
Social Security Card
2 Residency Verifications - You may choose from the following:
   Property Tax Records
   Mortgage Documents/Property Deeds
   Apartment or Home Lease
   Utility Bills
   Driver's License
   Voter Precinct Identification
   Automobile Registration
   Homeowner's Insurance Policy

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